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I come from the teachings of BSYA and Chi Kri, and I am continually learning as I travel on my own journey; I believe that it’s not about the destination but the route and steps taken to get there. This is what makes a person who they are, battle scars included.

Every day has the opportunity to learn something new, may it be about yourself or something else, and being open to receiving the knowledge from which ever source it comes from. The world is my university and all that I learn, I share with others. From every experience I learn something.

The word yoga means union; a union of body, mind and breath, a union of the self with the soul; a connection with something higher than us.  Nani is an affectionate name given to a care giver, to a person with knowledge which is spread and given to others. Nani is someone whom people look to for advice about the simplicity of life and life experiences. Yoga is about ‘the self’ and how to be in the world, and learning a self discipline that will help each individual grow within themselves and understand their own process through their own personal life journey’s.

Why do I teach?

Yoga-nani is essentially about teaching from knowledge and wisdom, both which go hand in hand; without knowledge one cannot gain wisdom and wisdom is gained from knowledge of knowing.

I myself became a yoga teacher not through my own thought, but through yoga choosing me.

My own practise started purely for a physical purpose; my back had left me virtually crippled and I found that nothing was helping to ‘mend’ the problem. Then through a steady, disciplined practise I found my body becoming stronger and fitter. And that’s not all. I began to feel  very subtle changes within me that felt ‘right’, changes that brought about a feeling of an indescribable character, all I knew was that it felt good to be in ‘this’ place and nothing else would give me the same sentiment.

People often ask me what it is about yoga that is so good. My first response would be to smile (only because that’s what the knowledge of yoga does for me) then I would say to try it out for themselves  so they can know what it feels like for them, as every person is different and no two bodies/minds/souls feel the same thing. Of course, I would tell them the benefits etc. however, the proof is in the pudding.

Every class I teach, may it be a kid’s class, pregnancy or adults will be completely different from the previous one, reason being is that there is so much scope with yoga, from postures to pranayama, meditation to relaxation. Yoga can be taken in every direction and dimension. There is not one aspect of life that yoga cannot be a compliment to.

Passion and exuberance. Two words describing my teaching, my style, and ME! This isn’t a job for me, it is a blessing to be able to give and share with others what I know and what I learn.

I teach with an air of happiness and fun, as life is for living, and sometimes we all need to be reminded of that. I believe that life does not need to be serious, there just needs to be an element of discipline for the self to follow.

This is why I teach yoga. I think it is important to know about yourself, what you can do, understanding yourself and re-educating both your body and mind about how it is possible to achieve absolutely anything you want.

My vision  

My role in all of this is to encourage people to give themselves time and to look after their own being; you have to give yourself timeout as no – one else will give it to you.  I truly believe that when you look after yourself, the self looks after you.

Whether you are a child or an adult, knowing your self is the most important thing, and not losing touch of who you are. In this day and age, most of peoples’ energies are externalised, looking for outward satisfaction and happiness, yet the real place to find it is within them.

Yoga-nani’s aim to bring the outer awareness inward, reconnecting people back to their own inner peace/happiness, and at the same time re-educating them about their body; we were all mini yogi’s when we were born (just watch how babies and young children naturally take up yoga postures and correct breathing) it is only the stresses and strains of everyday life that draw us away from what we used to know.

Bringing yoga into more schools is something that Yoga-nani would like to do, as having yoga as a foundation block would encourage and promote natural well being, strength of mind and character and  inner self discipline.

My teaching experience

Yoga has given me the opportunity to teach a broad spectrum of people, in many different settings and surroundings.

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