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Below shows written statements from customers from all ages on Yoga-nani:

- Adults

Rakesh, Edgware - Karupa is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever met. She really knows her stuff and challenges you to a different level in every class. I highly recommend you check out her class and style of teaching, you will definitely be booking your next session.

Mrs Rawal, Harrow - I have always loved yoga but couldn't quite find the right class or teacher. When I met Karupa and she taught the class I knew it was the right thing for me and my children. Not only is she a brilliant yoga teacher, but she is a lovely person who helps you along your personal journey. Some things are just meant to be and I think she has helped me change my life and health for the better.

Michelle, Stanmore - Karupa is an incredible teacher who doesn't even need testimonials. Just go to one of her classes and you will hooked.

Sue, Stanmore - Having experienced a terrible tragedy in my life a few years ago, I was searching and searching for an outlet to help me cope and get through each day. On just looking at the local newsagent’s ads noticeboard, something drew me to the word YOGA – on reading the health benefits, both mentally and physically, it could do for you, I called the telephone number and spoke with Karupa. She was helpful and very knowledgeable, as well as very caring and inspired me to attend one of her classes. Even though I was a total YOGA novice, Karupa assured me that I would be ok. On attending her Monday morning YOGA class, I have never looked back and it was the best thing I could do for my unbelievable difficult situation.

Three years down the line, I am still attending the same Monday class, as well as attending Karupa’s Sunday and Thursday Adult classes too, when I have the time. Through Karupa’s incredibly careful teaching(Karupa will come round to each of us and make sure we are in the correct position, as well as encouraging us to challenge ourselves that bit further), I have become a stronger, more supple and better person through the practise of YOGA.

I encourage anybody, whatever age and capability, to give Karupa’s wonderful yoga class a try. I hear she does a great kid’s class too!!”

- Young Kids & Parents

Nikhil (age 3½) - I like yoga because its fun and we make animal shapes and trees.

Priyesh (Nikhil’s dad) – He appears positive after his lesson, full of energy and calm, very happy to be in the lesson.

Nicole (age 4) – Yoga is easy peasy lemon squeezy and it makes me happy and fun.

Rute (Nicole’s mum) – Nicole always looks forward to her yoga class and seems calm and happy after. I think it’s important for children to participate in such activities as yoga as it allows for them to balance out energy with calmness.

Arian (age 4½) – I really enjoy yoga I have learnt lots of new things, thank you.

Arijit (Arian’s dad) – I am impressed by your relaxed, encouraging and purposeful atmosphere. Arian continues to benefit from the yoga classes and is gaining confidence and poise.

Jeeya (age 5) – Yoga is fun and healthy and i like the music. I look forward to seeing Miss Karupa. I also like the butterfly and different postures we do in yoga.

Davesh (Jeeya’s dad) – We strongly believe that laying the foundation of yoga at an early age is one of the most important things we can give our children. We hope that with the foundation laid they will be able to use yoga not just to keep themselves healthy and fit but also give them time to discover themselves, re-energise their mind and body, due to the demands they face in this ever changing materialist and fast world.


- Older Kids & Parents

Dhruv (age 8) – I enjoy doing the postures because I can stretch my body and feel good. Karupa is a good teacher.

Sangita (Dhruv’s mum) – There has been a significant improvement in Dhruv’s behaviour and concentration since starting yoga classes. This has also been confirmed by his school teacher. I am convinced that his yoga class with Karupa has contributed to this and it’s not just a coincidence!

Natalie (age 11) – Yoga really helps me to relaxed and become less stressed when I feel anxious or nervous. It helps me concentrate more at school and on my homework and it keeps me healthy.

Laura (Natalie’s mum) – Natalie has had trouble with anxiety for quite a few years and was always working herself up about things. The yoga has made a significant difference as she is now able to independently manage her anxiousness and she feels so much more confident with situations which she faces. Yoga had helped her in so many ways.

Harshvina (age 10) - I think yoga helps in a way which teaches you how to remain calm and peaceful and focus on your mind. It also teaches you how to be flexible. I think it’s fun as well and if you feel frustrated or stressed  you can do any poses that will help you calm down. It also teaches all the correct breathing techniques, say if you have a cold and a blocked nose you can use alternate nostril breathing.

Krupshna (age 8) – What I like about yoga is that it helps you keeps your body fit and it is an exercise that is calm. You have friends there to look at if you’re stuck on a posture. It is fun and if you are stressed and you do yoga, the next day your back or body won’t hurt.

Champa (Harshvina & Krupshna’s mum) – My daughters always look forward to a yoga lesson and it helps them keep the body loose in movement. Yoga for children provides an alternative source of activity from their Monday to Friday scheduled week. It provides them with a source of relaxation in mind and exercise in body and it’s better than playing on the computer or watching TV, we feel.

Dhillon (age 9) – Yoga has really helped me with my football and stretching and I score more goals. And since doing yoga, I breathe a lot better now, because I have asthma, I can run faster without getting out of breath.

Anj (Dhillon’s mum) - Dhillon has suffered with asthma all his life and we couldn’t find anything that would help to improve his breathing, so we tried yoga. Since he’s been going (7 months) his breathing has improved drastically and he rarely has to use his inhalers. Yoga has taught him how to control, relax and calm his breathing, as well as bring an element of concentration and focus in to his everyday life and school work. We cannot tell you how pleased we are with the yoga, thank you.

Tej (age 14) – Yoga has helped me immensely through my exams and homework; it has helped me to stay focused, calm and relaxed and to be patient with my work. As well as the physical benefits, I am more able to de stress myself and deal with everyday situations at school and home. I love yoga and it makes me feel greatJ. Thank you so much.

Sejal (Tej’s mum) - Tej has been doing yoga for 3 years and it has really helped her through the transition of middle school to high school; she is more confident, agile, calmer and focused, she also has a great sense of identity. Karupa, through her amazing teaching, has provided Tej with such a great foundation which will be with her for the rest of her life, it is so important to have this life tool of yoga. Thank you Karupa, God bless you.

- Pregnancy

Tejal Hirani-Vekaria - I started attending Karupa's pregnancy yoga classes when I was 15 weeks pregnant. I had previously suffered from a weak back and I was determined therefore to continue practising yoga and keeping fit in order to avoid a painful pregnancy.

Karupa's classes gave me everything I needed.  She put me at ease and helped me relax from the minute I walked into the class.  She managed to strike a perfect balance of yoga exercises, as well as some relaxation and bonding time with my baby.  Her classes were well structured and the poses were suitable for mothers of all abilities and stages of pregnancy.

I looked forward to my weekly classes with Karupa because my hectic work and personal life meant that yoga was the only time I could truly switch off and spend some selfish me and baby time.  Karupa also suggested some useful exercises which I could carry out in my own time, and which in fact helped me during the birthing process.

I think it is very important that you connect with your yoga instructor as you are putting your trust in that person, you are trusting them to look after you whilst your are doing your best to look after your baby.  I cannot recommend Karupa and her pregnancy yoga classes highly enough, I think they were an essential part of ensuring that I had a fairly pain-free pregnancy.

Thank you for making exercise fun Karupa!!

- Private Clients

Amit and family – Chalfont St. Giles - Karupa ,thank you for bringing  a positive and caring attitude into our life - as a teacher you have also become a  friend ,a rarity in itself, and are able to motivate us not only in the physical aspects of yoga but also in the happiness and mental well being that comes from practising yoga. We find your classes are always constructed around your kind and caring nature and to try and help us towards what the needs of the class or our individual requirements are. Your classes are fun whilst still always challenging us to work on our areas of weakness with your guidance and support. Whilst pushing boundaries to achieve our goals you instinctively seem to understand the limitations of physicality so well and are able to push us "just so far”. You always appear to have a smile and a kind thought to share with us leaving us feeling a million dollars!
Karupa, thank you for sharing your knowledge and fun loving attitude to life with us. Long may our friendship and association continue.
Love always. Amit, Naina and Rusika

Rebecca - Stanmore - My faith in yoga has been restored through the patience, kindness and understanding of Karupa. I used to attend yoga classes over 5 years ago and, due to lack of knowledge and understanding from the teachers’ part, i injured myself practising during the class. This left me immobile, demoralised and led to me becoming out of shape. Karupa was highly recommended to me through a friend, and now, 8 months down the line, I can truly see why. Not only has she helped me to tone, rehabilitate and strengthen my body, she has helped me understand the mechanics of my body and how to utilise my breath with movements, to maximize my full potential through my practise. It is such a breath of fresh air to be taught by someone whom is the product of yoga not just physically, but mentally too. And her knowledge is exceptional and well explained and it always makes sense. Thank you for being so patient and tolerant with me where others have given up; a friend in the form of a yogini.