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General Questions

Is Yoga Just Stretching?
Stretching is only one part of yoga, it doesn’t just stop there. Yoga emphasises not only on stretching and toning the muscles but also all the internal organs of the body. This in turn strengthens the entire systems, allowing them to perform at an optimum level. Most yoga poses are not stretching an isolated area, but rather involve different groups of muscles and engaging into more than one area of your body at the same time.

Can I Do Yoga Even Though I'm Not Flexible?
Don't avoid yoga just because you think you aren't flexible. In fact, if you have tight muscles, yoga is just the thing to loosen you up. The point of yoga is about being flexible, but rather to become more flexible over time while enjoying yoga's health benefits. It is a personal practice, infinitely adaptable to fit your needs. Listening to your body is all you have to do.

How often should I go to class?
Like with anything, the more you practice, the more benefits you are likely to receive. 1- 2 per week is usually recommended to start. However, just 1 hour per week will still bring wonderful, healing benefits that you will quickly notice. Even a simple 15-20 minutes of yoga whenever you can will surely be beneficial!

Is Yoga a Religion?
Yoga is a spiritual practice, but it is not a religion, because it does not dictate the nature of a God to be worshipped.

Yoga does share some things in common with religion, including the study of ancient texts and gathering of like-minded individuals for study under a learned teacher, but these things alone do not constitute a religion. Though yoga and Hinduism are both products of ancient India, they have evolved into separate practices as yoga (particularly hatha yoga, the study of yoga postures) has spread outside of its land of origin.

Can I start yoga if I'm stiff/overweight/out-of-shape/old?
You can start yoga at any point in your life as it will enhance every aspect of your personal being. It is a practise that grows and develops with yourself as you become more in tune with your ‘self’.

Why practise yoga?
Most students come back to yoga again and again, year after year, because it makes them feel so good. After a yoga class participants feel like they have had a great massage. Yoga is designed to promote health by balancing the nervous system, massaging the internal organs, releasing excess muscle tension, improving circulation of the blood and lymphatic system, calming the mind, and leaving participants relaxed and energized. There many reasons why you should practice yoga, but in short, most students who make yoga a regular practise say that it has changed their life for the better.

How long is a class?
Each class is 1 hour 15 minutes long

What type of yoga do you teach?
My classes are predominantly based on Hatha yoga, with a fusion of Ashtanga (held postures with deep breathing), Vinyasana (flowing postures) and elements of power yoga (strength postures).

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Kids Questions

At what age can my child start Yoga Classes?
Children can start yoga as young as 3 months old in Baby Yoga classes, and continue through each stage of their lives. Kids Yoga Zone is aimed for children from 3 years and above.

Can I participate in the children’s class with my child or should I drop them off?
Kid’s classes are for the kids! This gives parents the time to enjoy a little respite whilst the children enjoy their yoga time.

What if my child doesn’t like it?
Children, just like adults, wouldn’t know if they like something if they have never tried it before, therefore i recommend that, if you or your child are not sure, try a class before deciding.

Is there a specific enrolment date?
No, your child can enrol at anytime in any of the classes (according to age).classes run continuously throughout the year. Many different aspects of yoga are covered, allowing flexibility to grow in all areas, so your child will gain an all rounded education of yoga, no matter when he or she starts.

Can we just drop in or do we need to pre-register?
It is recommended that you book your child(ren)s place before coming as this will ensure that there is space available in the class. You can do this either by sending an e-mail or text, or by calling personally.


How old does a child have to be to come to a regular class with me?
The children’s classes are geared toward ages 15 and under. If you are confident your child can be quiet and focused during a 75 minute class, you are welcome to bring them along. It is a great way to bond with your child and share an activity.

My child has Special Needs; can they still join in yoga classes for children?
Definitely. Yoga is non-competitive and every child is encouraged to work within their own limits. The versatility of yoga enables postures and techniques to be adapted to meet every child’s abilities. I have taught yoga to children with special needs and it’s been well received.

Will deep breathing exercises hurt my child’s lungs?
No. Yoga deep breathing exercises encourage your child to breathe correctly. Generally speaking, children under 15 years do not retain their breath in breathing exercises. In addition, breathing exercises are adapted to suit children and will encourage fuller, deeper breathing, which in turn has many health benefits within themselves.

What happens in a Children’s Yoga Class?
During a class for the 3 – 6 years, there are theme based stories which are acted out through yoga postures, and mini sequences are taught to the children.  Children learn basic breathing exercises along with relaxation, and mindfulness meditation.

The older children’s classes are based more on sequences, understanding how their bodies move with postures, learning how to deal with stress/tension i.e. exams, growing up, school work. Partner work as well as group work is included as this allows them to understand further the importance of team work in a supporting role as well as in leadership. Breathing exercises, relaxation and mindfulness meditation is taught which further aids with concentration, focus and calmness.

I am fully CRB checked and I am a fully qualified First Aider with St. Johns Ambulance.


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Pregnancy Questions

I have never done yoga before, does this matter?
No it doesn’t matter, previous experience of yoga is not essential as all postures and breathing exercises will be explained and shown.

When can I start pregnancy yoga?
It really is dependent on each individual person and how comfortable they feel.  Some women who have previously practised yoga start right at the beginning of their pregnancy, and some women wait until their 12 week scan.

It is advisable to consult your mid wife and doctor before taking up any practise.

What do you teach in the class?
Pregnancy yoga is gentler and is focused very much on you and your baby in preparation for labour and birth, using safe principles and practice. The classes focus on specific postures that will aid you through pregnancy, helping to relieve discomfort, strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, and gently assist your body in cultivating strength, balance & flexibility during the many changes that pregnancy brings.

You will be led through breathing skills which will help to calm, control and slow down the nervous system, release stress and tension and aid relaxation and movement You will also be taught meditation and relaxation techniques that will help prepare you mentally, physically & emotionally for your birthing experience.

What should I wear?
It is advisable to wear loose comfortable clothing that in non restrictive in any way.

Do I need to bring anything with me?
Please bring with you a yoga mat and, in the later stages of your pregnancy, a pillow or cushion to aid with postures and for relaxation

How much does it cost?
For a block booking of 10 lessons the cost is £85, and for drop in sessions £12

Here are some 'dos' and 'don'ts' of pregnancy yoga.



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