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Kids Yoga Zone

Kids are natural born yogi’s and  Yoga-nani offers a revolutionary form of yoga that will develop a state of calmness and grounding, encourage inner self awareness and development and target a lot of key areas in children, giving them a firm foundation, promoting a healthy lifestyle from an early age which can be progress through to adulthood. Yoga-nani has a fun, creative approach to yoga which enchances chilfren's ability to focus and cocnentrate and aid in the everyday development of their bodies.

Not only will children learn about postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation, Yoga-nani will also introduce aspect of everyday life and how yoga is part of it, anatomy (to understand how yoga works with the body and the chakra system), and healthy eating (using food as fuel). I think it is important to know why something is being done and it’s origination, so that there is a natural found basis for reference.

The key elements Yoga-nani focuses on are:

Most of all, the aim is to have fun; kids learn better when they enjoy what they are doing.

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