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Nursery Rhyme Yoga Time for babies & toddlers

A fun and interactive way for both baby and parents to engage play and bond.
Babies and children learn with their bodies before they learn with their minds. Therefore, physical activity and interaction helps develop motor skills and communication between the brain and body, which enhances balance, posture and improves hand/eye co-ordination, control and movement.

Baby/toddler Yoga allows for baby’s individual growth and development, the movements and dry massage will aid digestion and give relief to colicky babies and also The series of sequences encourage flexibility and bring balance and harmony to the body systems and can help to settle babies, improving sleep patterns. There is a balance of stretching and relaxing sequences co-ordinated to songs and rhymes and also free time for baby to just ’be’.

Babies that receive nurturing touch through holding, massage and other forms of loving physical contact gain weight faster, are calmer and have better intellectual and motor development for the remainder of their lives.

Baby yoga runs in 5 week sessions for newborn to mobile babies.

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