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Private Group / One to One Yoga

Private yoga sessions enable both the client(s) and teacher to work towards the same goal in the comfort of your own home.  Following the ancient tradition of one teacher to one student, a customized practice is built around your specific needs, enabling you to understand your yoga practice on a deeper level.

Through each unique session, you will be personally assisted and guided through postures, alignments, deep stretches and breathing techniques, followed by relaxation/meditation.


Yoga stretch is also another unique way to practice and expand a traditional yoga practice. These sessions involve working with a partner or teacher, utilizing the forms and principles of individual postures while incorporating the presence of another person to deepen the impact of the pose.

This type of yoga practise is especially beneficial if you are active in other sports or have a physically demanding life, as the deeper assisted stretches enable the receiver to stretch and ‘let go’ beyond their usual capacity of movement, without having to physically exert themselves. Tightness and tension can be released from over used muscles, allowing energy to flow freely throughout.

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